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Welcome to the wonderful world of A Creepy Crawly Song Book.

This enchanting original Song Book is perfect for your child from the moment they begin discovering books until they are reading them aloud to you. This book will become a childhood treasure; it will contribute to their love of reading and music and open their imagination to the exciting world of miniature marvels that live all around us.
The stunning illustrations and magical poems will help prepare your child to meet these fascinating creatures and before you know it, you will both be fearlessly exploring the undergrowth and investigating the habitat of the insects and bugs you find.
When you play the CD or download the music your child will be captivated by the songs, the rhythm and the beat.
Be ready to do the fun stuff and join in with your own instruments or dress your child up as their favourite bug and dance along.
Watch as your child morphs before your eyes into a delightful little creature who confidently explores the great outdoors, sings their own songs and makes their own music.
A Creepy Crawly Song Book will open your child’s imagination and help develop their love of nature, music and books for life. Be ready!
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This beautiful book includes a bonus free CD and is available now in hardback as a collector’s piece for a limited time only..
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Download all the tracks from A Creepy Crawly Song Book. Pay online and get the MP3 files to play straight away!
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Fun Stuff!
Puzzles, the A-Z of The Creepies, colouring in sheets, plus all the facts you always wanted to know about creepy crawlies but were afraid to ask!
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Buy A Creepy Crawly Song Book today for a child you love and give the gift of music, nature and poetry all in one exceptional book. Choose this book to read and sing to your baby and before you know it they will be reading and singing it back to you.



A Creepy Crawly Song Book comes with plenty of extras for both Parents and Teachers:.

Creepy Crawly Fun Zone

Fun Zone!

Download free insect colouring sheets, puzzles and be inspired by our fun insect based activities for you and your children.

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Creepy Crawly Resources for Teachers

For Teachers

Our online portal for teachers, packed with ideas for Science, Literacy and Art Curriculum, together with Circle Time inspiration and loads of useful links.

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