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A Note from Carl Davis

"Insects share many characteristics of humans: they live to eat, procreate and die. It is the variety of ways they play this out that attracted me to Hiawyn Oram's delightful and sometimes challenging cycle of poems. Her insects polka, march, waltz and sing the Blues. I loved setting them. And I hope you enjoy reading, playing and singing them as well as being amazed by Satoshi's beautiful illustrations."

Meet the Team

A Creepy Crawly Song Book is brought to you by Carl Davis, Hiawyn Oram and Satoshi Kitamura. Find out more about the Composer Carl Davis, Author Hiawyn Oram and Illustrator Satoshi Kitamura.



About Carl Davis Collection

Carl Davis Collection was formed in 2009 to create a perspective on the working life of the composer and conductor, Carl Davis CBE. The essence of the collection was to create a legacy from a career spanning six decades of musical activity embracing film, television, dance and concerts, combined with reissues of complementary records. A Creepy Crawly Song Book was originally devised by Hiawyn Oram and Carl Davis with illustrations by Satoshi Kitamura in 1993. Released as a sheet music book by Andersen Press, we began the reimaging of the project in 2011.

Here in this imaginative book of songs complete with CD, many of our favourites come out of the undergrowth or down from the skies to reveal characters, predicaments and sticky situations we can all identify with and delight in. From the Carl Davis Collection, with music by Carl Davis, words by Hiawyn Oram and illustrations by Satoshi Kitamura, this new version of A CREEPY CRAWLY SONG BOOK and CD will bring musical fun and wonder to every home, car and classroom.