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What's that Butterfly

It’s so important to teach our children about the natural world around them and everyone loves beautiful butterflies, so why not look for the different types of butterflies in your garden and have some fun learning together? Read more..

Create Your Own Insect Poems for Kids

I think it is a worldwide phenomenon that almost from the moment our children land in our arms, we start making up silly songs, poems and rhymes to entertain and amuse them. Even when we are not making up our own nonsense, we use the beautiful baby books full of simple rhymes and pretty pictures to stimulate and delight our little ones. Read more..

Fun Acrostic Poem for Kids

Believe it or not, our babies are actually weaned on poetry - all the little rhymes and songs we sing to them from birth are, after all, poems of one kind or another. As our children grow, the more fun we can have with words together. On a warm and lazy afternoon, why not try writing an acrostic poem for children? Read more..

How to Build an Insect Hotel

Sometimes it can be really hard convincing the kids to step away from technology. Computer time is important but so is spending time in the great outdoors, getting up close up and personal with nature. Educationalists say that even five minutes a day outside to notice environmental changes and bug behaviour can be hugely beneficial for children so I've got a great idea for a fun spring garden project that all the family can enjoy and learn from together - building an insect hotel! Read more..

Teaching Kids to Bake with Mini Pizzas

Isn’t it lovely to have the longer days now the clocks have changed and spring is becoming early summer? This is my absolute favourite time of year when all is potential, the roses and clematis are in bud and the hedgerows are full of wedding-white cow-parsley and may blossom. Read more..

Your Child's first trip to the Dentist

Many of us have a fear of the dentist, a fear that commonly has its roots in childhood. Making your child’s first trip to the dentist as positive as possible can ward off this fear and set your child up to have healthy teeth for life. Read more..

How to get rid of Garden Pests

Normally I like to sing the praises of the Creepy Crawly world in your garden but we all know in every garden, there will be a few destructive bugs as well as friendly ones. Common garden pests include slugs, snails and greenfly. However, I have some simple and environmentally friendly ways of ridding yourself of the pesky critters. Read more..

Top Tips for Getting Rid of Head Live

This is not the most glamorous of topics BUT head lice and their eggs (commonly referred to as nits) are a fact of school life and most children will get them at least once in their school career. My kids certainly have! Frustratingly, there can still be a bit of a stigma attached to getting them, but there needn’t be. Lice are not choosy and will lay their nits in any hair, particularly nice, clean hair. Prevention is always better than cure, so here are a few tips and helpful hints you can use to prevent them. Read more..

Part 2 Growing Vegetables with Kids

I’m a passionate believer in the importance of garden activities for kids, as you probably know by now! Being outdoors is wonderful for your children, blowing fresh air into their lungs and magic into their minds as they explore the marvellous Creepy Crawly world around us. Earlier this week, I described how to grow a sunflower for some garden fun in the first part of our gardening with kids two-part blog series. Today is dedicated to peas - a delicious vegetable which is so easy to grow! Read more..

Part 1 Growing Sunflowers with Kids

Sometimes it can feel as though technology is winning the war for our children’s attention, but I’m a firm believer in the many different ways we can get our children to enjoy being outside. This week I’m running a two-part blog series with some simple gardening activities for kids to get everyone outdoors in the fresh air. Whether you’re cultivating beautiful flowers or tasty vegetables, watching things grow is great fun for children of all ages. If you have space in your garden, you can allocate your children a plot of their own but you don’t need to have lots of space or even a garden at all. Lots of things can be grown in pots and if you start things indoors on windowsills your growing season can start earlier. Let’s start with one of the simplest flowers to grow that kids will love - sunflowers! Read more..

Our Favourite Indoor Games for Kids this Easter

I advocate being out in the fresh air in all kinds of weathers, but let’s face it, there are times when this just isn’t possible. If the weather lets us down this Easter weekend, the challenge is how to occupy and entertain the children without the entire day being given over to electronic devices? Well, I’ve got some really fun and virtually free indoor games for kids to keep everyone happy this Easter, plus an easy play dough recipe to try at home. Read more..

Get Dancing with your Kids!

Becoming a parent means being introduced to a myriad of new experiences, and once your baby becomes a toddler the world of children’s exercise clubs comes to the fore. These provide a great service, encouraging dance, gymnastics, movement, music and rhythm, as well as the social side for both mummy and baby - but sometimes it's great to stay at home and just be. When you have read all the books, painted the Sistine Chapel twice and modelled Michaelangelo’s David from play dough, it might be time for a dance! Read more..

Creepy Crawly Crafts for School Holidays

The Easter break is upon us, and with some schools off for anything up to three weeks, I know just how difficult it can be to fill those hours. If the weather lets us down and outdoor play isn’t an option, then you’ll want to have some fun and simple activities to hand. Good news! I’ve got some great Creepy Crawly crafts that will entertain the children without resorting to hours of television or technology. Read more..

The Benefits of Reading Aloud with Children

Reading aloud is a great skill for children to have but is rather different to that of reading silently. To read aloud confidently, you must anticipate what is coming up, understand punctuation and make the words come to life, slowing down and savouring the vocabulary. Reading aloud also helps children gain confidence in the sound of their voice, keeping them focused on the story and invested in its outcome. In this blog, I’ll share some ideas on how to incorporate reading aloud with your child into your routine. Read more..

How to Go On A Bug Hunt

Spring has finally arrived, the weather is warming up and it's time to get outside and look around at what bugs are waking up from their long winter naps and coming out for a play. Going on a bug hunt is a fantastic way to teach your children about the wonderful Creepy Crawly world around us, not to mention a great way of getting some fresh air and outdoor activity. I’ve picked ten amazing bugs for your children to start looking for, plus we've got a brand new bug hunting guide to download and take with you! Read more..

Ten Tips For A Peaceful Bedtime with Your Child

There comes a point in the late afternoon when you need to start thinking about your children’s bedtime routine. Achieving a peaceful children’s bedtime routine can be difficult when you’re juggling other commitments so I’ve asked my community of mums for their hard-earned advice and we've got ten great tips to help make your child’s bedtime a success. Read more..

Fun Games for the Car This Easter Holiday

That time of year is nearly upon us again, when we pack the car with woollies, wellies, waterproofs, dogs and children and head off on a special family adventure! I love the Easter break. If we're lucky enough to get away, it feels like a bonus holiday. However, there is just one last hurdle to overcome before kicking into holiday mode - the car journey. Fear not; I’ve got some great car games for children to add some fun to your journey. Read more..

A Poem for Mother's Day

Mothering Sunday is the one celebration day, unlike Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and all the others, that seems to be universally embraced. It’s a time when everyone comes together to acknowledge that mothers are the unsung heroes of family life and the community. Flowers and chocolates are lovely but writing a poem for Mother’s Day is a wonderful way to celebrate, not to mention being a fantastic creative activity for children. Read more..

Can Music Help my Child's Development

As parents, we develop a ‘gut feel’ about things. The importance of music in our children’s life is one of those things. Without being told by experts, we instinctively understand the important relationship between music and child development. Music can help children with their co-ordination, language, communication and memory skills – which is why this blog is going to show you how to make homemade musical instruments. Read more..

Discover the Fun of Baking with your Children

There are few aromas more comforting and life affirming than the warm scent of freshly baked cakes! I have always found baking very therapeutic and as my children have always loved being involved. Baking with your kids is a wonderful activity and a great skill for life. In this blog I’m going to share one of my children's favourite recipes. Read more..

Why You Should be Reading with your Children

Since your baby’s birth, the world has been telling you the goals you and your child should reach and when. Some of this information is very useful, and helps you identify developmental targets. Sometimes it's just confusing! The most important thing to remember is that every child is unique and learning to read is no exception. Reading with your children is not only enormously beneficial to their learning, but a wonderful way to spend time with them! Read more..

Get Inspired with Free Spring Activities for Children

Spring has almost sprung! I’m heartily cheered by the sunshine this week and the chance to get out and about with the family. With that in mind, I’ve been thinking about some fun, free spring activities for children, all involving the great outdoors. Read more..

Can I Help My Child Overcome a Fear of Insects?

Most of us are afraid of at least one insect and probably picked up our fears in childhood. While you don’t need your child to be able to handle a tarantula without turning a hair, it would be nice if they didn’t run a mile from a woodlouse or ruin a picnic by minding about every single ant which comes to investigate the picnic blanket! In this blog, I'll give you a few ideas about how to help your child overcome a fear of insects. Read more..

Enjoy National Doodle Day with Your Children!

When was the last time you doodled? Probably while waiting in a telephone queue or in a long meeting! It’s National Doodle Day on Friday 7th March, supporting Epilepsy Action, so we thought there’s no better time to show you a few reasons why doodling is a great creative activity to share with your children. Read more..

How Can I Celebrate Pancake Day with my Children?

The celebration of Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday is an institution here in the UK. The date it falls on each year changes as it is determined by the dates of Easter; which also change annually. Whether you observe Lent or not, celebrating Pancake Day is a lovely way of sitting down as a family at the end of the day and sharing something simple but delicious together. Read more..

Welcome to Jessie's Blog

From the moment our children arrive in our lives, we never cease to be amazed by their natural ability to discover and learn, which is surpassed only by their sponge-like capacity to absorb our love, time, attention, energy. My name is Jessie and I'm a busy working mum who knows firsthand how tricky it can be coming up with ideas for things to do on rainy days, sunny days, sick days, play days and every day in between. Read more..

Does Bad Weather Affect my Child's Behaviour?

Sadly, I feel fully qualified to answer this question this wet and dreary half term. The endless rain of late has given me plenty of insight. In short, the answer is yes. And I have to confess, it is not just the children’s behaviour that has been affected. I am equally fed up with the soggy ground and grey skies. We need to get outside to play! Read more..

How do I Make an Insect Mask for Children?

I know how hard it can be to entertain bored kids on wet days so here on the Creepy Crawly Song Book blog I've thought of some activities to give you a hand, starting with making your very own Creepy Crawly mask. Read more..