Creepy Crawly Teacher and Classroom Activities

Cross Curricular activities and games (EYFS & KS1)


Circle Time and Games

“What did I see in the park that day?”
Sitting on the floor, the teacher starts the game, “I went to the park one day and I saw… an ant…” The game continues with each child naming something they saw in the park with the relevant letter of the alphabet ‘’a bee… a caterpillar… a duck” etc  etc

Spiders legs – sitting on the floor, legs out in front; someone starts to count; when they get to 8 that ‘leg’ is no longer in the game. Go round the circle until there’s only 1 leg left!

Animal Alliteration – Each child takes a turn to name an animal or insect. The first letter of the insect must be the last letter of the animal or insect said before. For eg: Child one: “Caterpillar”, Child two: “Reptile”, Child three: “Elephant” etc etc

What is it?
1. Whispering word game - Sitting in a circle, one child whispers the name of an insect/animal/creature to the next child, who in turn whispers what they heard to their neighbour. The last child in the circle has to say what they heard. Is it the same?

2. Charades – Pull picture out of bag/hat. What am I miming?

3. Using the interactive board – Zoom in on a photo of an insect/animal/creature. Gradually zoom out; Can the children guess what it is?

Catch the fly!
A chase game where one person is nominated to be the spider. The rest of the children are all flies and have to run away from the spider. When caught they are stuck in the spiders web.

Science and Understanding of the World

Lifecycle of an insect

Insect Hotel – fill a small box with bits and pieces from outside ie leaves, sticks, mud etc.
Leave the box outside for a week. Who moves in?

Grow your own… Sprouts/cress – using a yoghurt pot or jam jar, soak a piece of cotton wool or kitchen roll with water. Place your cress seed on top of the paper/cotton wool. Place on a window sill and water daily. Watch the cress grow!

Miniature Museum – Collect interesting things from gardens at home or on outings at the weekend. Taking care to ensure you don’t remove anything that you shouldn’t! Bring them into school to display in your very own nature museum.

Mr. Green Haired-Pumpkin-Head – cut the top off a pumpkin and hollow out the seeds. Line and practically fill the hollow pumpkin with wet cotton wool or kitchen roll. Sprinkle over grass or mustard seeds and watch the grass/cress grow. Ensure the cotton wool/kitchen roll is moist.

Literacy, Numeracy and Data Handling

Number Caterpillar
Cut out 20 different coloured circles. Write the numbers 1-20 on the coloured circles and stick to the wall in a giant number caterpillar. Create a lovely face for the front.

Alphabet Centipede
Cut out 52 tall triangles in coloured paper. Write upper case letters ‘A-Z’ on each piece of paper and lower case letters ‘a-z’ on the remainder.

Magic Square
Mark a square outside on the playing fields, or grassy area. What’s in your square?

Fill a box with multi-coloured string lengths including the colour green.
Scatter them outside on a grassy area/playing fields.
Call the kids to collect them up.
Did they leave the green string?

Other ideas:
1. Acrostic Poems – choose your insect name and write a poem using each letter as the start of each line.

The Song Book

a. Look at links on YouTube and try and mimic the movement of the insect.
b. Using percussion instruments in the school, tap out the noises and rhythms used in “Itchy Scritchy”.
c. Can you become the legs of the caterpillar in ‘’A Hundred Feet Ahead’’ and dance round the room in a line pretending to be a centipede?
d. How slowly can you move? Can you be as slow as the snail in “Slow Slow Snail”?
e. ‘’Walking Sticks’’ – using school percussion instruments can you keep time with the song?
f. Can you march like the ants in ‘’March of the Worker Ants”? What’s the difference between the ants? Are they different colours? Can some do different things?


Creepy Crawly Craft - Arts and Design

Make a Spiders Web
bin bags, PVA glue, glitter
black paper, PVA glue, glitter
Paint a multi-coloured spider web. Who lives here?

Create your own Creepy Crawly character
Playdoh as well as Plasticine, Papier Maché Creepy Crawlies, Junk Modelling (making from Paper towel holders, egg boxes, etc)to make giant caterpillar or centipede)

How many legs?
How many eyes?
Does it have Wings?
Does it make a noise?
Does it have a name?

Make a Creepy Crawly mask
(paper plate, elastic, scissors, collage fabric, decorating bits etc, PVA glue)
Cut out eye holes and 2x holes at the edge to secure the elastic
Draw on and decorate a paper plate with pencils, pens, glue, fabric, tissue paper
What creature have you made?

Caterpillar Wall Chart
Kids draw a self portrait on a  paper plate.
Stick it to the wall in a long caterpillar
Head of the caterpillar to be larger
Kids cut out caterpillar legs to be stuck underneath

Beautiful butterly Wall display
a. Kids paint their handprints in all the colours of the rainbow!
b. When dry, cut out the handprints and stick together to form the shape of a giant butterfly on the wall!

Build a Creepy Crawly!
a. divide a piece of A4 into 3 equal sections by 2 thick lines across
b. Draw a head in the top section; a body and arms (as many as they like) in the middle section; and legs, feet and tails in the bottom.  
c. Include as many unusual features as possible (ie eyes, ears, horns, teeth, tails, toes, fur etc etc)
d. Once finished, cut each section across the line and divide into piles.
e. Each child can help themselves to a head, a body and a bottom to create and name their Creepy Crawly.
(using various different textures ie fluffy – cotton wool, hard, smooth etc)

Playground Art
With chalks draw a giant butterfly. Get the children to colour the butterfly in ensuring the patterns are symmetrical.

Symmetrical butterfly pictures
1. fold a large piece of paper in half. Open the page and generously paint HALF the butterfly on one side of the paper. Once the design is finished fold the paper back in half and press down. Opening the paper back you should have a beautiful buttefly!

2. Fold a large piece of paper in half. Open the page and using liquid paints blob large dollops of paint along the centre fold of the paper. Fold the paper back in half and pressing out from the centre push the paint towards to edges. Open the paper and you should have a beautiful insect!

Button beasts
Collect buttons and interesting beads together. Using a piece of felt, cut it to fit the lid of an old shoebox. Arrange your buttons and beads on the felt to create your insect or beast. Sew each button or bead into place, then glue your felt inside the box lid.

Fishy friends
Using scissors cut fish shapes out of coloured paper. Decorate the fish as vividly as you like! To make it into a mobile, punch a hole through the top of the fish and thread different lengths of wool or string through the holes – a thread for each fish. Tie the ends to a coat hanger.

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